An In-Depth Look at Technicians & Our Program

What is an Engineering Technician?

Congratulations for showing interest in a career path that will set you up for success in a growing industry.  On any successful technical team in the oil and gas industry, you will find at least the following three people:


This individual, usually possessing a Master and Bachelor degree in geology or geophysics, scientifically analyzes data to find oil and gas
underneath the earth’s surface.

Reservoir Engineer

This individual, usually possessing a degree in chemical or petroleum engineering, designs how oil and gas will be recovered to surface and determines the rate at which it will be produced.

Engineering Technician 

The technician, possessing no specific degree but a high aptitude for
mathematics and logic, calculates the volume and the value of the oil and gas that the engineer has predicted.  The technician also assists both the geologist and the engineer with the gathering and sorting of any data related to the process.  The technician assists in every aspect, from very mundane tasks like making copies to very advanced tasks like advising on billion dollar transactions.

Can I Be an Engineering  Technician?

Some people are very well suited for the position of engineering technician and love the role while others hate it.  Here are some questions that might indicate your level of enjoyment.

  • Do you like solving puzzles, riddles, or tough logical problems?
  • Are you a people pleaser?  Are you happy when a supervisor approves of your work and gives you a “Well done!”?
  • Are you creative, resourceful, and most importantly proactive?  An engineer won’t always have time to give you a to-do list, so can you use your mind to figure out tasks you can perform to add value to a company?
  • Do you have an attitude of service?  Are you happy to provide work with a smile, even when things get a little hairy (and in this job, it will be a little hairy at times)?
  • Do you work well with all types of people?  In this role, you will support a number of different types of personalities.  Do you see this as an opportunity to showcase your people skills?
  • Do you find repetitive tasks therapeutic?  This job requires a lot of tedious, detailed processes that have to be repeated continuously.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then we encourage you to find out more about becoming a certified engineering technician through our results-proven training program.

What content is included in the curriculum?

Our curriculum is results proven, and industry renowned. Our curriculum is the only curriculum that allows for a foundational knowledge that encompasses all the basics needed to navigate the support channels to accelerate the learning curve quickly in your new role as engineering technician.

Our comprehensive program covers foundational skills and concepts needed to begin a career as an engineering or geoscience technician. Critical concept  such as basic and advanced industry concepts and terminology are covered at the onset to allow for effective communication in the role.

Microsoft Office applications are covered in a whole new way through the filter of the petroleum industry. Our course reintroduces candidates to Excel, Access and PowerPoint in powerful ways that will allow for candidates to be introduced to topics including basic and advanced production data analysis and decline curve analysis.

Once the industry fundamentals are covered, advanced topics such as reserves and economics are instilled through commercial database software. Reserves and economic analysis is performed in industry software and multiple labs are executed in hands-on labs in our training facility.

Special topics such as Acquisitions and Divestitures, Basin Studies and Overviews, and Supporting a Multidisciplinary Team are covered in addition to a seminar on soft skills and interviewing techniques.


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