About Our Firm

QED Energy Associates is committed to providing the best engineering technician training and consulting services in the upstream petroleum industry.

QED Energy Associates encourages technicians to:
Be proactive,
Think critically,
Persevere and find solutions to complex problems,
Increase efficiency,
Document training and work,
Have an attitude of service,
Interface with your team to add value to your organization.

By developing a technician’s overall professional skill set in addition to teaching tech-specific tasks, we train technicians to adapt to new software and technologies in an ever-changing industry.

Courtney Courtney StephensL. Stephens

Founder and CEO

Courtney started in the oil patch in 2002 and was trained as a Petroleum Analyst at Netherland, Sewell, and Associates, Inc.  She then expanded her skill set as an Engineering Technologist at Waterous and Co. (now ScotiaWaterous), contributing on various domestic and international mandates as a part of the technical team.

In 2005, Courtney moved to Marathon Oil Company, serving as a Senior Engineering Technician in the Southern Business Unit.  While at Marathon, Courtney worked on the Barnett Shale Team, the Southern US Exploration Team, the North America Diversity Council, and the Upstream Domestic Business Development Team as a Senior Commercial Analyst.  Additionally while at Marathon, Courtney founded Marathon’s Technician Community of Practice and was a key member of the organizational development team that created Marathon’s Technician Training Curriculum.

Courtney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Centenary College of Louisiana (Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors).



Erin Randolph, Managing Director, Training, QED Level 9 Technician, and Conversion Team Lead.


Frankie Delgado serves as Managing Director, Technical, QED Level 7 Technician, and Conversion Team Lead.

Ashley Anez is QED Managing Director, Sales and Operations (not pictured).

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