One-on-One TrainingOne-On-One Training

One-On-One Training is the format of choice for companies serious about developing great engineering technicians. Make sure your staff gets the attention they deserve for the money you spend with personalized custom instruction. No question goes unanswered or gets overlooked with this one-on-one service.

Don’t worry about sending your staff away from the office during valuable working hours. This training can be conducted in the comforts of their own office.

The best part is the curriculum is designed individually by QED to meet their needs. No more sitting through boring lectures over material that is already known just to reach the lessons that are needed. Our custom curriculum can add value to your organization through custom exercises to lead your technician down the path of understanding.

After interviews with your team and the prospective trainee, QED will design a custom training curriculum for your engineering technician. Typically ranging from one to twelve modules, this training will be administered onsite at your offices with a QED trainer sitting side by side with your technician. Twelve months of technical support are included with all custom training packages to maximize the skills transferred to your organization.

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