Frequently asked questions:

I have no experience in the Oil and Gas industry.  Can I still apply?

YES, the Real OG program is typically for candidates with NO EXPERIENCE in oil and gas.  We will also consider applicants that have some experience in oil and gas and have been laid off due to the downturn.  If you have significant experience or already have a job in oil and gas, please go to our website for information on training that can be purchased by your company, www.QEDea.com

Do I have to pay QED for training.

No, if you are admitted to the Real OG program QED covers the cost of your training.  Some people choose to pay for training which can be purchased at www.QEDea.com.  Paid training is at a slower pace and it is not competitive.  There is no testing during public training courses, and paid training candidates are not certified by QED.

What if I don’t get into the Real OG program?  Can I still train at QED?

Yes, you can sign up for public training on our website at www.QEDea.com, fees apply.

Does QED guarantee me a job upon completion?

No, QED can teach you the skills but we can’t make you learn it.  There is no guarantee of a job placement; however, we make money when our Real OG graduates get placed, so we have every incentive to make sure you are well trained and get a great job.  Candidates that do not perform well will be dismissed after every quiz, so chances are if you complete the program that you are well qualified.

How long is the training?

The QED Real OG Program is a minimum of 8 weeks of intense study, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, with homework and independent study required.  The first six weeks are lecture based.  Many times the classes run long, and all program participants are required to stay until the trainer dismisses them.  When coordinating child care, we recommend you have a backup for nights when training runs long.  If this is not available to you, please reconsider your application as this is also the expectation of 99% of our client base.

I don’t live in Houston.  Can I train with QED?

If you do not want to live in Houston or Dallas, please do not apply for the Real OG program; however, we encourage you to sign up for our public training at www.QEDea.com to expand your skills, fees apply.  99% of the jobs we procure for our graduates are in Houston or Dallas.

Can I leave early from training?

No, candidates that cannot commit to the full training period will not be considered for the Real OG program.  We encourage you to sign up for our public training courses where you can slip out early and there are no quizzes or tests required, fees apply.

What if I get sick and have to miss a day?

Although we will not allow candidates to attend classes while ill, candidates that miss any day for any reason may be asked to leave and reapply for the next Real OG program.  There is no guarantee that candidates will be accepted to future programs.

What if weather prevents me from traveling to the training location?

QED will make every effort to protect the safety of our candidates, and we may start classes late in the event of inclement weather.  QED follows Houston ISD school closures.  Meaning, if the school district is closed, QED is closed and training content will be rescheduled.  Absences will not be excused for candidates commuting from cities with inclement weather if the training center is not affected.  Therefore, we recommend that you live near your training center during training.  If a candidate misses a day of training for any reason, that candidate may be asked to leave and may reapply for the next Real OG program.  There is no guarantee that candidates will be accepted to future programs.

Do I need to interview to get into the QED Real OG Program?

No, an interview is not required for admittance to the QED Real OG Program.  However, sometimes interviews will be offered to you, and we think an interview or preview day is a great way for you to learn more about QED and our process.

What are my chances of getting in?

If you make a 90% or above on the entrance exam and you have at least a bachelor’s degree from a nonprofit university with a reasonable GPA we will likely admit you.  All other applications will likely be rejected.  If you have an MBA from a nonprofit university or your major for your bachelor’s degree is math, or if you score very high on the entrance exam and if you have an extremely high GPA we will likely prioritize your application.  If you are not respectful of a QED staff member at any point in the application process, we will remove you from consideration.  We need your transcripts from every university you have attended so that we can verify your application.

Do you do drug test and background checks?

Yes, we absolutely do drug tests and background checks and you need not apply if either of these items are an issue for you.  Our clients require it.

Why is every day of the program considered an interview?

We train candidates to be the best reservoir engineering technicians in the oil and gas industry.  To ensure that level of quality to our clients, we must monitor candidates performance and skills over an extended period of time, so in a sense each day is part of a very long interview.  Candidates have to be able to perform at their best under these circumstances.  If these circumstances sound too difficult for you, please do not apply.

What if I fail a quiz?

Any students that fail any quiz will be asked to leave.  Students that feel a slower paced program would work better are encouraged to sign up for public classes at www.QEDea.com, fees apply.  QED generally requires quiz scores above 90%; what is considered to be the passing grade varies by quiz.

What if I don’t do my homework?

Students that do not complete homework assignments will be asked to leave. Students that feel a slower paced program would work better are encouraged to sign up for public classes at www.QEDea.com, fees apply.

Do I need a computer?

Laptops and equipment are provided on site at QED; however, you will need access to a computer with Microsoft Excel for home study and homework.

Is there a contract I have to sign with QED?

Yes, like all employees, contractors, and staff at QED, all QED Real OG Program participants must sign a contract with QED.  This contract is intended to protect the program participant, QED, and QED’s clients.  It covers confidentially, our twelve month non-competitive agreement, and other legal necessities.  This contract is distributed to program participants on day one and must be signed and agreed upon by day two to continue in the program.  We will not send you a copy of the contract in advance, but if you are accepted to the program you are most welcome to schedule a time to come in and review the contract either by yourself, with a spouse or parent, or with your legal counsel.  We do not negotiate, so please review the contract to see if you will sign it or not.  We will not change it, so please don’t waste your money by having an attorney modify it to your liking.

Am I too late?

We are willing to accept great candidates as seats are available right up until the morning training begins, but please get your application materials in at least 11 days prior to the course start date if possible.  The sooner you apply, the better your chances for getting in as we can expand the class size if needed.

How many people are in the course?

We generally admit 12 people to each course.  We sometimes run two classes in tandem with two trainers and admit up to 24 people.  Generally, about half of these candidates successfully complete the program.

Why do only half of the candidates finish the program?

The QED Real OG Program is competitive.  It is very difficult.  You must have the ability to learn and focus for up to 12 hours each day.  Your level of concentration has to be high with significant endurance.  Many people choose to drop out after week one.  QED dismisses candidates that have poor performance on quizzes.  It is also necessary that candidates maintain an attitude of service and are respectful to the QED staff, QED clients, and other program participants.  QED dismisses anyone that does not operate in a way that would reflect positively on our company.  Generally if candidates make it through week three, they have what it takes to make it to the end of the program.  That being said, candidates are evaluated daily on their performance and if at any point QED feels they will not make a great reservoir engineering technician they are dismissed.

I have applied through the website and taken the test, but I haven’t heard back from QED.  What should I do?

QED collects all applications before the review process begins.  The review process generally begins three weeks before each class starts, and first round acceptance letters are sent out 10 days prior to class start date.  The administrative assistants at QED are not privy to the applications or acceptance information; however, you are welcome to call or email admin@QEDea.com to find out the start date for the next round of training.  All applications and information are destroyed after program start date in accordance with our records retention policy, so please remember to resubmit all documents if you have previously applied.  The main phone number for QED is 832-581-3758.  You can also email admin@QEDea.com

I am an engineer but can’t find a job.  Can I get a foot in the door through the Real OG program?

Yes, QED now accepts engineers into the Real OG Program. Each candidate’s application is reviewed individually.  Engineers are also welcome to take public classes at QED to supplement their skill set and form industry contacts and can sign up at www.QEDea.com, fees apply.

What if I need a visa, letter, or authorization to work in the United States?

As a matter of policy, QED does not sponsor or transfer work visas or consider individuals on time-limited Visa status. Applicants must be authorized to work for any employer in the United States without visa sponsorship.

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