Program Details

Train with QED in Houston to get a great entry-level position in Oil and Gas.  This twelve week training program will prepare you for a high paying career in the energy industry.  Laptops and equipment are provided on site at QED; however, you will need access to a computer with Microsoft Excel for home study and homework.

All QED Real OG Program training takes place at our Houston offices, 9575 Katy Freeway, Suite 120; Houston, Texas  77024.

Our QED Real OG Program is a highly competitive program that requires hard work and dedication. Participants attend lectures, complete individual projects based on actual industry data, and form a thesis to present to the Executive Team.  As a competitive program, candidates are tested regularly. Please read the FAQ page in full.

Can you take on the challenge?

QED content teaches our technicians business critical software, but more importantly QED educates on the thinking piece of how the software works.  Our comprehensive training covers the basics of oil and gas production and operations, oil and gas modeling for future reserves and economics, production data analysis and basin studies.  In addition, our curriculum includes best practice technical training for competitor analysis and company overviews.  We track plays, understand corporate strategies, and perform accurate and timely analysis of hydrocarbon reserves, all while acclimating you to the environment of corporate America, company cultures, and general professionalism.

So, what will you be doing from day to day (in addition to a lot of homework and studies)?

The schedule for the Program is no joke.  Participants will work through an intense twelve week program.  A sample of the first six weeks is as follows:

Six sample weeks of the twelve.

Upon completion, successful graduates may be offered jobs at QED or at one of our many clients seeking skilled technicians. We can not guarantee anyone a job.  What we can do is guarantee that we will work as hard as we can to successfully place everyone that completes our program.  In addition, we won’t let you stay in our program if we don’t believe that you have what it takes to be a great reservoir engineering technician.  What’s in our best interest is in your best interest as oil companies pay us to provide quality candidates, supported by us for the first twelve months in a job.  Operators approach us everyday looking for qualified candidates, and QED is proud to give them the best of the best. Check out our Success Stories.

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