What is an Engineering Tech?

At an oil and gas company, there are many teams.  For example there may be an accounting team, a human resources team, a land team, a safety team, a procurement team, an environmental team, and various others, but every oil company needs a great TECHNICAL TEAM.

The Technical Team is the team of scientists at the core of every oil and gas company.  There are three types of scientists on the technical team:

  • The Geologist – They find oil and gas in the ground.
  • The Engineer – They get oil and gas out of the ground.
  • The Technician –   That’s us.  We calculate how much oil and gas will come out of the ground and what it is worth.

Being an engineering technician involves lots of data analysis, problem solving, and critical thinking.  Technicians get paid a lot of money, and a lot is expected of us.  Our work needs to be timely and accurate; we don’t miss deadlines and we double check every report.

It takes a certain personality to be a great tech.  Use the below questions to gauge your own aptitude; great techs can answer “Yes,” to all of the below questions.

Do you enjoy solving puzzles, riddles, or tough logical problems?

Are you creative and resourceful?

Do you have an attitude of service?

Do you like math?

Can you work as a part of a team to accomplish goals?

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