QED offers reservoir engineering technicians for short term and long term projects.  QED’s results-proven competency ranked consultants can meet your needs on-site at your offices or work remotely.

QED’s consulting team can provide an array of value services including

  • Quick look evaluations
  • Project scoping
  • Dataroom organization and management
  • Proactive deal sourcing through data mining
  • Software implementations and process optimization
  • Reserves and economics consistency optimization
  • Database conversions
  • Full scale geology and reservoir engineering

Set up a Master Service Agreement with us today so that when your next big project comes in you can simply email the database over to QED and let us do the heavy lifting!

QED certifies all of its technicians to ensure you get the skill set needed to be successful in your organization.

QED Level 9 – Project management level, possesses expert knowledge in economic systems, ability to coordinate team activities and provide mentorship
QED Level 7 – Advanced knowledge of the industry, able to provide assistance to team with limited interaction with an engineer
QED Level 5 – Basic knowledge of the industry, can provide assistance to team with daily interaction with an engineer
QED Level 3 – Limited knowledge of the industry, can provide assistance for team with significant but meaningful interaction with an engineer

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