We don’t recruit technicians. We create them.

QED has a proven engineering technician training curriculum that allows for a candidate to not simply observe, but to engage in training. This allows for our technicians to quickly become a proficient, contributing member to their organization. Our results proven training curriculum builds from fundamental basics in Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Access to frame the analytic foundation used in advanced economic and reserve systems. Our technicians are masters of data analytics.

Our Technician Certification Program is comprised of capable candidates who possess a high aptitude in math and logic. QED provides them the knowledge and tools necessary to start a career as an engineering or geoscience technician. Our twelve week training course provides a comprehensive overview of industry terminology, production data, economics & reserves, and most importantly mastering large scale data manipulation.

QED screens applicants, trains and provides real time training in industry specific software to provide a unique technician sourcing solution for our clients.

Should you wish to know more about our candidates, or the rigorous program that certifies them, please contact us.

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