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QED offers Interactive Web-Based Training for engineering technicians. This Interactive training is the format of choice for companies on a budget. Technicians have the luxury of completing the training in the comforts of their own home or office. It allows flexibility which is needed for the busy professional.

The training offers a self-paced internet workbook that combines the tested and true QED methods and curriculum in a Web-Based format. Your technician will watch video clips from key industry professionals, inspect and analyze charts and graphical data, read documents and take notes about critical processes, and prove their understanding through regular quizzes and QED Check-ups, all of which will lead your technician down the path of understanding.

Training candidates are expected to complete all homework as well as a one hour conference call with a QED Trainer weekly. This allows the candidate to review with our trainer and have any questions or issues solved. It takes traditional web-based learning and gives it a more personal interactive touch by having our trainers a phone call away.

The curriculum is designed to be completed over a twelve week period but can be modified to fit your schedule. QED is willing to customize the Interactive Web-Based training to meet the needs of the technicians.

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