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QED Energy Associates is a Career Launchpad.  We hire people only if we think QED can help them launch outstanding careers in energy.  

How does QED work?

We look for people that have an aptitude for basic math, an eye for detail, and a great attitude. We hire those people for a training period, usually eight to twelve weeks. Over that time period, we pour our time and resources into making each person a fabulous energy professional. There is a role in upstream oil and gas called reservoir engineering technician. Professionals that can perform this role with great competency are highly sought after and in demand. Oil companies, investment banks, energy lending firms, consultancies, and software companies have a history of hiring these professionals from QED. QED has successfully launched careers for hundreds of individuals.  Check our succes stories here or on our YouTube.

Is QED a recruiter?

No, we are not a recruiting or headhunting firm.  We hire people that have no experience.  We spend our time and money training those people to be exceptional professionals.  When a company wants to hire one of our experts, we charge that company a fee, just like recruiters or headhunters charge a fee, but our fee is intended to cover the investment we have put into the person.  We also offer 12 months of unlimited technical support and training for everyone that launches their career from QED.  In practice, we also provide mentorship, guidance, and career counseling for all of the QED'ers worldwide for their entire careers.  In this way, we are unlike recruiters or headhunters.  We want to help people launch careers and have meaningful work.  We want to see every QED'er happy in a role where they make an impact today, tomorrow, and the future.

What if I just want an internship?

If you just want a short internship, QED is not for you.  We are a career launchpad and we fully expect everyone that works at QED will be launched quickly into a great career at one of our many clients.

What is different about starting with QED vs. an Oil Company directly?

Working at QED is life in the fast-lane.  We are going to teach you everything you ever needed to know to be a top professional in the role of reservoir engineering technicians.  We will make you an expert user of software like Excel, Access, SQL, ARIES, PHDwin v2, PHDwin v3, and many more.  Walking out of QED, you will be an industry leading data scientist and modeler.  If you just want to clock in and clock out, collect your paycheck, and have a mediocre career - QED is not for you.  We launch outstanding careers for people that want to be on a professional fast-track.  If you want to work hard and make six figures within five years, apply now.  If you don't want a fast-track career, there are many companies hiring right now and we will steer you that way.

What if I am already an experienced energy industry professional?

We are typically only recruiting candidates ideal for our career launchpad model.  If you have experience and have already launched a successful career in oil and gas, we probably can't add much value to your life.  You are always welcome to apply, but we are looking for candidates ready for a first-time oil and gas career. 

How much does QED pay?

Great question, that is based on current supply and demand in the market as well as the risk level we assign to each candidate.  If someone passes our math test with flying colors, displays a great attitude and perfect soft skills when in our offices and communicating with us, we consider that a low risk individual to hire.  If someone sends us emails with incorrect spelling and grammar, acts disinterested during an interview process, or scores low on our entrance exam, we would consider them a risky investment.  We spend about $20,000 or more per person that we hire just to impart to that person our basic training curriculum.  However much we pay an individual is based on how likely (or unlikely) it will be to make a return on our investment.  This is a business - not a charity.  Most candidates that start with QED receive a living stipend for the first several weeks of training until their practice projects prove they are not a risky investment.

Does QED require a college degree?

QED routinely hires professionals that have just finished their bachelors degrees.  We are a career launchpad and a natural fit for someone that just finished a degree and wants to launch a great career in the energy business.  QED sometimes hires individuals that don't have a degree, and you can see some of their success stories on our YouTube channel.  The key ingredients are hard work, great attitude, being ready to learn and learn quickly, good with computer programs, and competent with basic math and logic.

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