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Reservoir Engineering Technician Candidates

Do I need a degree?

About 90% of our success stories have a bachelors degree and more than 60% have those degrees in non-technical majors.  History, Anthropology, English, Zoology, Biology, Theatre, Psychology, and Sociology majors have a history of success at QED.  Of course, Math, Business, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Education, and technical majors work as well.  Trainees with no degree have also been successful.  We think attitude, attention to detail, precision, and learning the training content are the real keys to success at the QED Career Launchpad.

Do I need oil and gas experience?

No way, on the QED Career Launchpad, we start from the very basics.  No energy experience is required, and we certainly prefer candidates with zero experience in the professional world.  Why is that?  There is a secret to our success and it involves the QED Soft Skills.  Experienced office professionals usually have their soft skills developed and don't need/want QED's advice.  The QED Success Stories will attest that the Soft Skills are the best part of the QED Career Launchpad.

How much time will I need for training?

We are currently training in our offices Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5pm most days.  Some days remote facilitation is available.  For each set of trainees, we listen to the training preferences and prioritize the needs of the highest potential candidates.  We are here for your success, so feel free to talk to Ashley Anez about your specific needs before we begin.  After a training program begins, no changes will be offered.

Do I need to come to QED's office?

QED thinks a mix of remote and in-person is the right combination for training.  Do not buy a computer in preparation for QED training - we have our own equipment for which a security deposit is required.

Not in Houston?

We don't mind training remote, but we have had trouble in the past getting laptops to and from trainees outside of Houston.  Feel free to apply and if we have friends, clients, or partners in your city that can assist us in equiment distrubtion, we are happy to make speical arrangments for you, especially if you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denver, Austin, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Shreveport, or Midland.

Who pays for this training?

At QED, we think it would be silly to charge our new trainees.  People just getting started in their professional life don't have the money to pay for expensive, high-caliber training at QED.  Conversly, QED's clients routinely pay QED to hire our trained professionals.  Contracts are involved.  QED is proud to cover the cost of training for candidates that honor our non-competitve agreement, and we make a return on our investment when we place our trainees in entry-level careers as reservoir engineering technicians.  Want to pay for your own training?  No problem, QED Career Launchpad candidates can convert to self-pay at any time.

Ready to apply?  Apply here in ten seconds or less and start your journey with QED.

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